Peonies everywhere!

They’re here…light pink, deep pink, deep red, yellow…peonies are everywhere!  Need some flowers for your party, dinner, gathering?  Want to bring some to your sweetie?  Don’t forget Mom this weekend!  We are open 7 days a week this month, 10am-4pm.  No need for an appointment if you can come during these hours.  If you’d like to visit after hours, please send us a message or call Ricardo on his cell, as he may be out among the flowers…828.246.7542


4 thoughts on “Peonies everywhere!”

    • Yes, we do. Plants range in price from $35-100 while they last. We had 19 plants remaining as of this morning at opening…

        • Hi Lori. We have plenty of flowers by the stem. We are sold out of potted peonies for spring pick-up. We are currently taking orders for the fall. If you want potted plants, you would walk through the flowers and look at our notebook of what will be available in the fall and purchase it on-site. Then you would come and pick up your plant in late October for planting at your home the first two weeks of November. Do you know exactly the type of plant you want? If so, you could order over the phone and just make one trip here in the fall. Please call Suzanne to discuss: 828.246.7465. Thank you! – webmaster

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