It’s coming up peonies! – May 7, 2019

We are blooming in every color, shape and size! We anticipate peek bloom around Mother’s Day and the week that follows. Be sure to swing by to take in the splendor!

2 thoughts on “It’s coming up peonies! – May 7, 2019”

  • Hi Folks. My husband and I were planning a long day-trip to the farm tomorrow (May 11) to see the peonies and buy a few plants. However, I read in a separate gardening blog that at Wildcat Farm it’s necessary to come back in the fall to pick up the purchased plants? Am I misunderstanding this? I’m an avid gardener, so I appreciate that peonies prefer being divided and/or moved in the fall, but we live too far away to make a second trip. Can you sort me out? Many thanks, Susan

    • Hello, Susan. Sorry for the late reply. We were so busy this past weekend, despite the rain! We are sold out of potted peonies for spring pick-up. We are currently taking orders for the fall. You would come and pick up your plant in late October for planting at your home the first two weeks of November. Do you know exactly the type of plant you want? If so, you could order over the phone and just make one trip here in the fall. Please call Suzanne to discuss: 828.246.7465. Thank you! – webmaster

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